• A worker for the EPA enters a sealed home measuring the levels of airborne asbestos fibers in the air.

Living And Dying In Libby

Libby Montana has been poisoned with deadly asbestos from decades of mining. Many are stricken with lung disease, and the environmental cleanup is only the beginning. Nestled in the Cabinet Mountains of wester Montana the town of Libby always relied on the abundant natural resources to fuel the economy. For decades the W.R Grace company mined vermiculite just outside the town. The dust from the site coated everything from mine site to downtown area were the substance was heated to form insulation and distributed across the United States. The dust was ladened with poisonous asbestos fibers. Mine tailings were used from everything from home gardens to the soil to make baseball fields for children. Miners routinely would shake the dust their works clothes further contaminating the families at home. Now some33% of the towns population are stricken with lung disease.